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My First Cat

Friday, May 10th, 2013

I was always a dog man.

Never a cat man.

My aunt was a cat woman.

Actually I was not really much of dog man.

If they want food they have to come to me and ask.

Anyway, the wife brought home a sick kitty.

Nursed it back to health.

Where I come from cats are called pussy cats or just pussies.

I have learned a few things owning a pussy.

I can now say pussy around the house with abandonment.

“Come here little pussy.”

Pussy, also known as “KeeKee” is little standoffish like most pussies.

She adores these little “treats.”

I put them in her “condo” and she searches every corner, devouring the little treats.

So I bought two bags of the treats and put them in the candy jar.

Started a habit of reaching in to the jar, sitting down and giving her a few.

Now every time I sit down the little pussy is there.

Put a treat between my lips.

Yep, you guessed it. I kissed a pussy.

Cute uh? Yea, right until you see her licking her ass.

There probably is a lesson here.

Give pussies a treat and they will come to you.

Suppose I should have learned that a long time ago.