Imaginary Money

Where did the money come from?

For that mortgage?

For that car?

For those credit cards?

To run those corporations?

For those governments?

The little guy they call the banker (and you) dream it up out of thin air. The banker with your permission creates it by inscribing a cheap metal, printing some dollars in the back room, adding numbers to a computer.

One moment no $100. The next moment a $100 that the banker will so generously “loan” to you, to corporations, to governments. How convenient?

All you have to do is agree to pay…

…and pay…and pay.

One has to ask. Why would anyone in their right mind agree to such a system?

Yes, I understand you want that house, the car and trinkets for yourself and family. You want the life.

Do the math.

It is estimated that a good 75% to 90% of your work day goes to paying the bankers, lawyers and politicians and the corporations that support them.

Do the math.

Be sure to include all taxes, loan interest, insurance costs, your share of corporate profits and salaries and total cost of government in any form, including all its laws, regulations and control.

Who accepts crumbs when he can have a feast?

Apparently you do.

So much for loving one’s self and family.

Who would be a pauper when he can be a king?

Who accepts trinkets when he can have a treasure?

Historically speaking, paying the bankers, lawyers and politicians and their cronies, 75% to 90% is considered one step away from chattel slavery. The serf’s were better off. Indentured servants were better off. OK they didn’t have air condition.

The founders revolted at 5%.

God only asks for 10%. His is voluntary.

The bankers, lawyers, politicians and corporate CEO’s demand at least 75%.

And now the Attorney General of the United States just put in a claim for 100% aka chattel slavery.

Can you imagine running in the desert being chased by a predator drone, locked and loaded with hell fire missiles because your President determined that you are an enemy combatant?

Reminds me of Judge Dredd.

“I am the law.”

“I am judge, jury and executioner.”

This is what imaginary money brings with it.

Eventually the bankers, lawyers, politicians and corporate CEO’s wind up with all the money.

You and your family wind up with whatever the aforementioned want you to have.

As Mrs. Reagan once said, “Just say no.”

…to imaginary money.

Say yes to gold and silver.


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